GNL-Ionio fuel

GNL-Ionio fuel

Project Hekate

We going to be a Qitcom 2019, the Qatar IT Conference and Exibition organized by the Ministry of Transport and Communications
The usage of renewable energy sources has become a priority for the energetic economy of the planet. Progect Hekate, that takes its name from the greek goddess of life and magic, has the goal of creating a circular economy of renewable energy.
The first step of Project Hekate is going to be at Qitcom 2019, the Qatar IT Conference and Exibition that will be 
held from 29th October to 1st November 2019 in Doha where IonioFuel and AgriSolare, in collaboration with Proto Power, Last Project and another industrial partners is going to showcase the project for a biomethane production plant.
"A project with the goal of creating a circular economy of renewable energy"


Biomethane production plant and Photovoltaic plant - Doha (Qatar) 
Hypotesis of placement

The project
IonioFuel and AgriSolare, designs and builds a plants that convert farm manure and organic waste into renewable energy by a process that is environmentally friendly and financially rewarding.
The heat released during the electricity generation process can be used locally or deployed in a district heating system. The residue from the fermentation process can be used as a high-grade natural fertilizer.
The groups idea is to use "Power-to-gas" (or P2G), a process that allows the convertion of electrical power to a gas fuel. This technology consist in splitting water molecules into its hydrogen and oxygen component by electrolysis. After that, the hydrogen is combined with carbon dioxide and convert the two gases to methane (natural gas) using methanation.

The methane, produced by the described plant, will contribute to making the qatarian LNG supplies to the LNG storage and regassification terminal in Crotone (Italy) 10% organic.